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Phase two and three are about Zack getting recruited and how he fights the alien drones. The basic plot is alien space invaders, which I love. I also loved that idea that gamers who play video games are in training to combat the aliens. I thought that the writing was for middle school kids. It was a horse tranquilizer for me each night. I had to force myself to read a chapter a day just to finish it. When I put it down I was not interested in picking it up, even when it was near the end!

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What an overload! Where was the spark, the energy? We were supposed to be Defiant. We were warriors. Sometimes we seemed far less a machine of war than a clock for timing how long shifts lasted. The students stood up for a break, and I strode away before Dia could make another wisecrack. The girl had been trying to goad me into trouble all week. Instead, I approached a student at the back of the room—a lanky boy with red hair.

When did you get here? Not unless we pass the test. At his words, I felt the faintest seed of doubt.

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There were always questions about boosters, fighter components, and maneuvers—but technically, any part of our schooling could be included. Rodge settled back down to study, and I probably should have joined him. Yet a part of me was fed up with studying, with trying to cram things into my brain.

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I wanted the challenge to just arrive. We had one more lecture today, unfortunately. Instead I found myself pacing like a caged animal, until I noticed Mrs. Vmeer walking toward me with. Vmeer had special clothing and food requisition privileges. I kind of liked her, even if her daughter was a creature of distilled darkness, worthy only of being slain so her corpse could be used to make potions. I braced myself for questions about my father. Everyone always wanted to ask about him.

What was it like to live as the daughter of a coward? Did I wish I could hide from it? Did I ever consider changing my surname? People who thought they were being empathetic always asked questions like those. We make expeditions to them, and need rugged types for those trips.

Alfir shrugged and walked off. Vmeer studied me for a moment, then shook her head and went to welcome the next lecturer. I backed up against the wall, folding my arms.

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Vmeer knew I was going to be a pilot. The dark-haired girl sat on the floor, leaning on the wall. I glanced at the painting of the First Citizens on the wall. We had them in all the classrooms. And yes, I knew their children got automatic entry into flight school. They deserved it, as their parents had fought at the Battle of Alta.

Just like anyone else. I heard my parents talking about it last night. Admiral Ironsides gave orders to deny you. She was trying to taunt me again, to get me to throw a fit. Dia shrugged. I hesitated. I stalked across the room to where Mrs. Vmeer was speaking with the new lecturer, a woman from the Algae Vat Corps. I stood there, intruding on their conversation, arms folded, until finally Mrs.

Vmeer sighed, then pulled me to the side. Vmeer said, looking back at me. Of finding your right place and serving there? Vmeer said. She lowered her voice. If not sanitation, perhaps ground troops? I need to prove myself! But this was never going to be. I wish one of your teachers had been brave enough to disabuse you of the notion when you were younger. In that moment, everything came crashing down around me. A daydreamed future. A carefully imagined escape from my life of ridicule. Lies that a part of me had suspected. Of course I was too much of an embarrassment to let fly.

I sought refuge in the silent caverns. I felt like a fool. My teachers must have spent these years laughing at me behind their hands.

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And still the feelings of embarrassment and anger shadowed me. It glowed more brightly. I placed my wrist against the stone of the cliff, and tapped my fingers on my palm once more. This command made an energy line stick to the rock, connecting my bracelet to the stone. A three-finger tap let out more slack.

Argamassa armada

Using that, I could climb over the ledge—rope in hand—and lower myself to the bottom. After I landed, a two-finger tap made the rope let go of the rock above, then snap back into the bracelet housing. I crept into a cavern filled with kurdi mushrooms.