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Full text of "True Detective Mysteries, May "

In the wake of an unjust termination from the San Diego Police Department and a turbulent divorce, Krane has no choice but to pack up his life and relocate to Oregon. Is he up to the task? Only time will tell. Sandler Krane, Private Eye, much like its main character, narrator, and namesake, wastes no time in getting down to business. Within the first few pages, the central conflict has already been introduced, and Krane hits the ground running in an effort to solve the mystery.

The largest overarching issue with this novel is that it relies heavily on exposition.


Big Flies by Keith Hirshland. After Chester Daniel David, highly celebrated travel writer and hospitality critic, dies in an automobile accident, his son, Leland, is the heir to his prosperous estate.

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As Leland grew up, it seemed as if his father was never home. Leland begins to recognize that his father was not the man he thought he was and admits to himself he always felt like something was missing.

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  4. In a witty mystery that simultaneously follows the lives of the father and son, clues that Chester leaves behind point to notorious unsolved crimes committed within a fifteen-year span. Told with humor through vibrant characters, Big Flies , draws you into the mischief and budding excitement of two young men discovering hidden taboo skills like mind control and cracking safes.

    Based in the beautiful and serene landscape of the Sierra Nevada, Hirshland brings the tale of two talented young men full circle. Each chapter brings an alternating point of view that can be jarring at times and make you wonder where you are in the story. Used as a storytelling mechanism, the frequent time jumps give the reader glimpses of what Leland will soon discover about his father, what he has already discovered about himself, and what is yet to come.

    With each page, the secret life of Chester Daniel David comes to light and we begin to get a glimpse of the man he really was and the man Leland hoped he had been. Big Flies offers readers a thrilling ride to self-discovery and a chance to solve a few of the biggest mysteries of the last century. Bullet in the Blue Sky by Bill Larkin. Their superiors are cryptically vague with details, but are hellbent on the successful recovery of Shaw. The mission takes them through the dizzying war zone and the more they encounter, the more they wonder why they are searching for one man in these extreme circumstances.

    Why is this man so important to the deputy chief, and why now? They face rioting, looting, attacks and homicides while chasing down leads before Schmitty discovers that others, with high connections, are also after Shaw. Bill Larkin wastes no time getting into the action in Bullet in the Blue Sky.

    Within the first few chapters, you are immersed in the violent aftermath of an earthquake that rocks Los Angeles to its core. Its officers show bravery, loyalty, and determination in the face a terrified city. Larkin captures the emotions of each character with deft precision. As the reader, you can feel the fear and adrenaline as the officers move through the city attempting to complete their task.

    Leaping off the page and dragging you onto the bloody trail leading to the elusive Shaw. Get ready for action-packed scenes and refreshingly well-developed characters. Pair that with his compelling storyline and you have the ultimate package. A must read for any thrill seeker. Family Secrets by Cloud Kurtin.

    Detective Frank Wilson anxiously awaits a call to pick up Hans Bergman from the airport. What begins as a wonderfully anticipated moment turns into a horrific scene when Frank responds to a robbery, only to find out that the dead victim is none other than Hans.

    One Nation (Time out Lay out) Lyrics

    One mystery leads to the next as Wilson and his detective partner Pete Hobbs go around in circles in their attempt to capture the evil perpetrator. Cloud Kurtin pens a story with an Abbott and Costello bent to it. Kurtin has created next generation detective duos that are quick on the draw. Although readers will have no trouble connecting clues, Kurtin does throw in a few unexpected situations, which breaks up the monotony. Family Secrets is a fun read and suitable to classic comedy aficionados.


    The Port Fee by Garrett Dennis. In fact, the opening lines echo one another nearly exactly. At once, this kind of homage signals to the reader that he or she is in for an adventure of epic proportions. Jovial small talk and some playful chiding give way to a darker conversation—and the beginning of the wild ride that this narrative takes from here on out.

    Bevan, Clare

    Spirits, sea hags, ghosts, and ghouls: all manner of wildly fantastical monsters and critters dance across the stage of this narrative. Explore this novel for yourself and prepare to be enthralled by its outrageous twists and turns and subtle endorsement of preservation. Be sure to check out the previous two novels in this adventurous series that details the trials and tribulations of Storm Ketchum! The story begins when a commercial airline goes missing off the east coast of the United States for no explainable reason. The infamous Bermuda Triangle is not on the list of included searching places, which Ken cannot understand, especially since so many strange things have happened in the region.

    Taking matters into his own hands, Ken decides to try and find answers himself, heading to the Bermuda Triangle with a companion whose wife and daughter are missing. Drew Pearson joins Ken on his mission as they embark on a perilous journey to one of the most dangerous places on Earth, and what they find is far more grim than what they ever could have imagined.

    Coming in at nearly pages, this is by no means a short book, but the thrilling pace at which Richards has plotted his story makes the narrative go by quickly, as twists and turns abound on nearly every page. With two multifaceted main characters who readers are sure to root for, this suspenseful novel uses the mysterious folklore behind the Bermuda Triangle to craft an interesting tale about secrets and intrigue.

    While at times the plot does get a bit heavy, and it likely could have been shortened to streamline the fascinating suspense that is often present, overall On A Sea of Lives is a promising start to what is sure to be a great series. Death on a Desert Hillside by Gary George. George has not just written an interesting and captivating mystery, but created a place that readers will want to revisit.

    He also engages with some of the darker elements of the setting, such as the effects of the wars of the not-too-distant past, through the characters of Horse, a Korean war vet, as well as characters like Willy. A subplot involving the racial tensions of Smoke Tree, populated by Latinos and whites, reveals the prejudices of the time and previews what will come to be a major focal point of the United States of the s.

    How Horse and the residents of Smoke Tree will meet and deal with these issues is just one of many reasons the reader will look forward to returning to Smoke Tree time and again. By placing his main character in the real world, intertwining historical facts into his fiction, Balakirov weaves a thrilling tale of greed, power, corruption, and suspense. Agent Knox is the kind of agent who has experienced it all, everything from mobsters taking over cities, undercover operatives dragging him into dangerous situations, and powerful leaders using their leverage to get what they want, no matter the costs.

    Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (full text)

    The way that Balakirov writes is in an engaging, fast-paced style that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Dark Money by Larry Thompson.

    Dark Money is a fascinating tale of dirty money, power, and an effort by an against-the-government group called the Alamo Defenders. Author, Larry D. Thompson, weaves back and forth between former Army man, Jack Bryant, law enforcement officers, the head of the Alamo Defenders, Colonel Van Zandt, and his daughter. Van Zandt has used his own dirty money to accumulate a ton of illegal firearms, and he has no intention of letting anyone stop him.

    Larry Thompson does a great job keeping readers intrigued in the story as it continues to evolve. New characters show up as well as some falling away, but this unique aspect of Dark Money keeps readers turning pages. It is a very well-written story with underlying issues for many of the characters. For example, Sergeant Walt Frazier Jr. And, not to be overlooked, the descriptiveness of the scenes flow elegantly allowing the reader to see clearly what is happening from one moment to the next.