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Discover your role in it today! Click here to begin. My Account. Welcome to National Center for Constitutional Studies! Login Create Account. Shopping Cart. The Founders knew that in these three ways, all mankind are theoretically treated as: Equal before God. Equal before the law. Equal in their rights. Prosperity depends upon a climate of wholesome stimulation with four basic freedoms in operation: The Freedom to try.

The Freedom to buy. The Freedom to sell. The Freedom to fail. This amendment provides: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. John Adams wrote: "I always consider the settlement of America with reverence and wonder, as the opening of a grand scene and design in Providence for the illumination of the ignorant, and the emancipation of the slavish part of mankind all over the earth.

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The 5000 Year Leap – A Miracle that Changed the World (book)

Quick View. These amazing stories depict miraculous events of faith and unity, sacrifice and triumph.

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The reader will be reconnected to American heritage, the Founding Fathers, and the documents upon which this nation was founded — namely, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. More Info. In a little over a century, this formula allowed a small segment of the human family -- less than 6 percent -- to become the richest nation on earth. It allowed them to originate more than half of the world's total production and enjoy the highest standard of living in the history of the world.

They have the world's greatest political success formula to share. In this respect they have been at fault. They have been too self-conscious about their system and its accomplishments. At times they have been almost apologetic that they have had such a remarkable system when the rest of the world did not.

The 5,000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen

The world needs to know this formula which the Making of America tells. Much of it is told in the words of the Founders themselves. You will feel the power of their minds sweeping away centuries of bad government and bad laws to formulate a whole new society based on human freedom. Or at least he has taken on many different forms in the history books and conversations of the last two centuries.

Cleon Skousen. Prophecy and Modern Times. The Fourth Thousand Years The Third Thousand Years: F The Cleansing of America. The First Years: From Brother Joseph: Seer of a N Richard N.

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Skousen , W. Days of the Living Christ, Treasures from the Book of Product Rating No Reviews. What is an unalienable right? What is a vested right? Name the three great natural rights. Do states also protect unalienable rights? What blessings come from the protection of life? Session What is necessary in order for an unalienable right to be enforceable?

How do unalienable duties relate to unalienable rights in both public and private arenas? Give some examples. The Five Thousand Year Leap:. Why was Algernon Sidney beheaded? According to John Locke, what two standards must be met in order for an office holder to have proper authority to act? According to Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, why should the people never have to fear the federal government?

At what point are the people justified in altering or abolishing their government?

W. Cleon Skousen - The 5000 Year Leap Audiobook

Who has the power to change government? What is a democracy? Why does democracy always end in tyranny? What is a republic? Why did the founders prefer it to a democracy? George Washington said that government is neither reason nor eloquence. What did he call it? Why will the Constitution never be obsolete or old-fashioned? At what point should patriotic Americans sound the alarm over an erosion of our liberties? According to English common law, what is the origin of property? Without property rights, what four things would happen? Why is an attack on private property rights actually an attack on life itself?

How is ownership acquired? Which should be regarded as sacred—property or property rights? What is the primary purpose of government?

The Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World by W. Cleon Skousen

How has history proven the value of property rights? How do we care for the poor without violating property rights?

Where did the founders find direction regarding the kind of economic system they should set up? For any nation to maximize freedom and prosperity, what four laws of economic freedom must be maintained? Identify four areas where, according to the founders and Adam Smith, government can legitimately intervene in the economy.

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